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Claudy Tyre Centre offers a full range of vehicle services. We also sell coal, logs, turf, gas and red diesel.


At the Claudy Tyre Centre we understand how an unexpected vehicle repair cost can have a drain on your finances. We have a convenient solution for our customers to help spread the cost of your motoring expenses with us.
It's 100% interest and fee FREE with no hidden charges.

As a car owner, you may have experienced unexpected repair costs and the stress that comes with it. Many of us need our cars to get to work as well as other important places and are left with very little choice but to repair our vehicles when they go wrong even if the costs are high and unbudgeted. Road Traffic Accidents are always unexpected and insurance policy excess payments have to be met before you can get your car repaired. But, where do you find the money? We provide a fantastic solution that could help you get the job done and have you back on the road sooner than expected. Claudy Tyre Centre offers a simple to arrange, short-term, interest free loan to customers who have a one off or unexpected vehicle repair bill. A decision is made instantly and you pay your payment plan in four monthly interest free instalments. The first instalment is required instantly and the remaining three payments are taken over the next three months on the same date (or nearest working day). Our payment plan is 100% and fee FREE with no hidden charges. Example: REPAIR BILL = £400, You are charged £100 (debit card) at the time the loan is agreed and further three £100 instalments at the same point on each of the following three months. It's simple and all you'll need is your bank debit card. HOW IT WORKS - 4 Simple Steps...


    We will complete your details and enter the total invoice amount to set up an agreement.


    When the details are completed we'll confirm payment installments and if you're happy to go ahead all we need is your debit card details (credit card transactions are not allowed).


    Once the details have been completed you sign our on screen eSign Agreement document and we will submit the form.


    Assuming your application is successful (and most are), we'll send confirmation that you have been billed for the initial payment and future payments have been set up. THAT'S IT SORTED!